The John Henry
Planer-Scarffer Attachment
Patent No. 5066177

Now Make:
  • Consistent scarf cuts, easily and quickly
  • Long sheets out of short sheets
  • Large sheets out of small sheets

Easy installation and removal allows your planer to be readily used for purposes other than scarffing.

To scarf cut up to 3/8" thick requires a 3 1/4"  planer, and to scarf up to 1/2" thick material requires a 4 3/8" planer.

The Woodworker's Dream - - - Makes Your Job Easy!

The John Henry Planer-Scarffer Attachment is adjustable for maintaining an 8:1 cut of various thickness material up to the thickness that the planer width can handle.

John Henry Is......A Money Saver
The old adage "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" has proven true once again.  Thus, the invention of the John Henry Planer-Scarffer Attachment.

The idea of the attachment came about while I was in the process of building a wooden boat.  I needed some 20' plywood and the cost was much more than I could justify.

With the John Henry Planer-Scarffer Attachment, you can purchase standard size sheets of plywood and then join them together.  This saves the extra cost of larger sheets and the extra shipping cost associated with the larger sheets.  By scarffing 4x8 sheets together, I saved 60% or more in the price of plywood which made the cost much more bearable.  I have been told by more than one person that they saved $50 or more per joint.

Easy & Precise
The John Henry Planer Scarffer Attachment enables you to make consistent scarf cuts quickly and easily.

The John Henry Planer-Scarffer Attachment is easily installed on the Makita 1900B, Makita 1912B, and the Porter-Cable Model 9125 planers.  The attachment is not limited to these particular models.

The John Henry Planer-Scarffer Attachment is available for the 3 1/4" and 4 3/8" planers or can be purchased as a unit with the planer and attachment.  Carbide blades are highly recommended and are also available.